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Sentefil is a progressive and intellectually driven company

It is out to hunt for brilliant young minds to work with. Talented youngsters or graduates like Eric and Angela Stone who founded Sentefil back in 2014 are welcome to audition their best game designs or innovations applicable in the online gaming business. Over the previous years, numerous applicants have been successfully integrated to the Sentefil fraternity to assist in game development. Handsome gift packages and prize money is awarded to the most progressive minds. Salaries and allowances are also offered to motivate the young minds within the company. All expenses, paid trips overseas and across the country are made possible for many individuals who show dedication to their work. Training is carried out within the company or taken to different destinations as another mode of exposure to mentor the learners, for example in Casumo casino. This takes away any mental strain from the developers and designers who are upcoming and not subjecting them to a confinement and never changing working environment. The exposure has brought about improvement in service delivery, performance and how individuals relate to the company.

all round designers and game developers

Talent search

Talent search for all round designers and game developers is a crucial aspect at Sentefil since it needs new ideas for exponential growth. Graphic designers and animators are key elements required to make fascinating and action packed games.

excellent graphics

Many end users of these games need games with excellent graphics that fit on their mobile devices either tablets or Ipads. Screen resolution must be configured for both android and iOS users. Any individual who possesses the knowledge of designing a concept or idea and brings it out as a relevant and revenue earner online game is eligible to work at Sentefil.

software developers

Sentefil will go out of its way to go to learning institutions to fish out talented animators and other relevant software developers bringing them in for contractual agreements or permanent work assignments. Designing slots and reels in online games is no easy task. Talented coding experts and fresh graduates have always been the priority.

our experience

brilliant minds

Sentefil is dedicated to bringing up brilliant minds and posting them to different destinations to be ambassadors to others. A recent establishment by Sentefil was opened to teach game coding and graphic design all over the United States. Here people are taught how to develop credible games and simulators are put in place to aid their learning process.

Advertisements are put across media outlets, pamphlets and websites like leovegas casino to attract more talented personnel into working or training at Sentefil. Capacity building is essential to making the company profitable even with the numerous employees working round the clock to develop games. Everyone is treated as a resourceful asset to the company and compensated highly for their work. Newly recruited and talented individuals who develop games that receive 5 star rating by users are awarded with new cars and residential apartments near the company to ensure comfort and accountability.

benefits for talented designers

talented designers and developers

All these benefits for talented designers and developers can only be found at Sentefil. Insurance covers among other work benefits are available. Private jets are chartered for the talented people who create the best performing games and are taken for conventions and workshops in style.