The Legend of Shangri-La

Cluster Plays

Everything You Need to Know about The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Plays

Experience paradise on earth with NetEnt and Sentefil’s The Legend of Shangri-la: Cluster Plays. Replete with gorgeous visuals and presentation along with some unique concepts in gameplay, this is one fun and exciting way to enjoy slots. Deciding to add a far-eastern flavor to their slot game this time around, NetEnt based the game’s concept on the fictional plot of James Hilton’s 1933 novel Lost Horizon.


An exciting way to play

slot game

Perhaps what’s notable with this particular slot game is the fact that players won’t have to focus too much on paylines. Instead, they will be pouring their attention on grouping icons together and making symbol clusters— all in the name of developing rounds that will win them prizes. With this game setup, players will get the opportunity of continually increasing their payouts up until such time as they reach a massive match.


As the name of the game implies, players are likely to expect some of the perfect qualities that Shangri-la is known for in the form of coin wins and prizes. It is quite notable that every aspect of this slot game is not only highly polished, but the visuals are quite noteworthy too.


Players will love how there are so many things happening on screen in this game and the far-east theme is especially lovable. In the game, every guru is represented with either an elephant, a tiger or a monkey. You’d even love the lively animated red panda monk on the left of the screen especially when it comes to the surprises it has up its sleeves.

What’s it about?

The Legend of Shangri-la takes you through a journey to enlightenment where you get to enjoy some fun Cluster Pays along with loads of mystery features that keep it exciting.

Cluster Plays

Instead of determining winners using the traditional bet lines, this game reintroduced a rather innovative mechanics for payouts through Cluster Plays. This is where landing 9 symbols or more in a cluster or in a group will create a win. Clusters are only considered valid when the symbols are connected vertically or horizontally so diagonal clusters are not considered a win. The more icons you land in the cluster, the more prizes you’ll win.

Sticky Re-spins

This feature is activated when two groups of 5-8 symbols form but does not qualify for a valid cluster. The selected symbols are going to stick to the board as the reels are spun once again to give you another shot at making a valid and winning combination.

Random Substitutions

Landing 2 groups of 4 symbols but are unconnected will cause the Random Substitutions feature to come into play. An additional symbol or more will be positioned next to the existing clusters to give you a chance at forming a win.

Free Spins

The symbol for free spins is a Scatter. If you see 3 or more of these symbols fall on the board will lead you to the icy mountain to enjoy some free spins. The number of free spins you can achieve will be largely dependent on the number of Scatter symbols that will appear on the board.

Bet Limits

When playing the game, you will be able to select your bet level from 1 to 10. You will also have the choice to wager between 0.01 to 2 when it comes to coin value— which is equivalent to $0.10 to $200 in real money.