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Blackjack Spelen in Online Casino Development

As an online gaming development company, we always work very hard to meet our client needs. Since we already created more than 25 different online slot machines and 8 casino applications, Sentefil is very proud to call ourselves a pioneer in the online gaming field. From adventurous games to puzzle and brain games; we can develop all of them. Currently we are working for a new game for the online casino Blackjack Spelen in Online Casino. The name of this online platform let visitors and players believe that this online platform is all about Blackjack. However, besides the popular Blackjack games, the company is now looking for ways to expand their gaming portfolio and categories to choose from. They requested Sentefil to create and develop iconic new slot machines that are completely out of the box.


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This is what we are working on right now, developing a good concept for new slot machine games. What most people don’t know is that the development process for the concept can take a very long time. We have to think of themes, the storytelling, the symbols, special features and so on.

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It is not easy to come up with a great story that is also appealing to online casino players to actually start playing the game. Therefore, it is very important to choose a theme and story that will make sense and also attract new players.


We considered all the previous themes that didn’t worked out in the end, to find a new way to implement this into a new and refreshing story. Eventually we developed 4 different new themes that will be integrated by the graphic design team of Sentefil.

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The themes of our newest games are developed in a high quality and nonredundant. Development and after a few adjustments, they gave an approval on the development of the actual game. Now we are still in the second phase of the entire project and the estimated delivery would be around the second quarter of next year. We also reached out to music record label who will produce customized music that will fit all the different themes. Unfortunately we can’t announce any more details, but what we can tell is that one of the online slot machines contains the best theme that we’ve ever created. This theme has something to do with the greatest hit serie the Haunting Hill House and will be very spooky!

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We are also working on the development of great features such as free spin bonus games, hidden bonus games and symbols. Our focus is on the features, because this will attract online players even more. The more good features are integrated, the more online players will start playing the game. Blackjack Spelen in Online Casino will launch the four different slot machines together with a really nice free spins bonus that players can use as an introduction. In that way, people are allowed to try out the game before depositing money to their account.